Made to meet the daily grind and demands of a hard-working lifestyle, Thorogood boots are a foundation for crafters and creators. We’re constantly inspired by the people who wear our boots, and we want to pay tribute to the tireless, countless hours each and every individual puts into excelling at their trade. Their pursuit of excellence is what moves us to build better boots. Meet some of the folks that embody our values. They demonstrate the grit, grind, and determination that make them successful and inspire the future generation of tradespeople. We support those that work for the greater good, so America can.


May 6 2024


If girls run the world, Kaitlynn is definitely doing her part. Kaitlynn Kirk is located in Acton, CA. She spends her work day as a Pyroshock Technician at an aerospace testing facility. Not only that, in her free time she runs a business that teaches women how to ride dirt ...
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Apr 10 2024


Luke Draeger is based in Aniwa, WI. He grew up as a farm kid and like most - was pressured to join college soon after graduating high school. After feeling a lack of direction, Luke decided to attend NTC for an associate's degree. Even after attending higher education for 2 ...
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Feb 27 2024

Lacing Up with Josh Walker

Josh Walker is the co-founder of 1620 Workwear: makers, sellers, and distributors of high-performance technical clothing for working people. Based in Amesbury, Massachusetts, Josh and partnering co-founder Ted De Innocentis are on a mission to set high standards for the manufacture of workwear worn by American workers. Like ourselves, 1620 ...
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Jan 23 2024

Lacing Up with Sarah Matthews

When it comes to understanding the value of hard work and maintaining an open, positive mindset, Sarah Matthews could probably teach us all a thing or two. Raised out on the western slope of Colorado, this life-long resident of New Castle spent most of her formative years honing a passion ...
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Jan 8 2024

Lacing Up with Trevor Valdez

While Trevor Valdez may not be the sort of person who'd claim he can move mountains, in reality he isn't all that far off from having such an ability - at least, while he works. An operator of heavy machinery from the town of Knapp, in our home state of ...
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Dec 4 2023

Lacing Up with Edgar Aceituno

Meet Edgar Aceituno: a veteran of the rodent and pest control industry who runs his own business out of Norwalk, in sunny SoCal. Edgar understands the importance hard work plays in reaching his goals. Of course, we were excited to learn more about his successes, and the role his Thorogood ...
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Nov 2 2023

Lacing Up with Pet Needs

We've found and interviewed Thorogood wearers across the country in a variety of professions, but this group may be one of our most unique connections yet. Pet Needs is a U.K.-based punk band taking big risks to follow their dreams. Hear from the group about their inspirations, tough times, and ...
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Oct 10 2023

Lacing Up with Twon Haugen

Twon Haugen is pursuing his passion in Music City, USA, and working as a bartender to pay the bills until he makes it big. Read about his passion, struggles, and advice for others hoping to follow the same path. On the Road to Becoming a Full-Time Musician Twon made the ...
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Worker walking on beam

Sep 11 2023

Lacing Up with Brian Nguyen

Meet Brian Nguyen, a self-made welder based in Phoenix, Arizona, with a level of dedication you don't often find anymore. Brian didn't take "no" for an answer when he decided which career he wanted to pursue. And there were a lot of no's along the way. Hear from him about ...
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Women in the snow with cows

Aug 22 2023

Lacing Up with Justine May

Justine didn't take the "easy" route when she chose her career. She decided to put her willpower to the test in the pursuit of a steady paycheck (just like so many of us) and ended up learning the trade skills of masonry. Read more about Justine May's challenges and triumphs ...
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Jul 31 2023

Lacing Up With Christopher Scully

Christopher Scully is an experienced, second-generation commercial diver and U.S. Navy veteran based in San Diego, California. He followed in the footsteps of his father and uncle, who were both Navy divers as well, then began working in underwater ship husbandry and attending school full time after his service. Christopher ...
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Man with trailer full of tools

Jul 11 2023

Lacing Up With Mike Taylor

We sat down with Mike Taylor, a man living his American dream at the beach in Galveston, Texas, where he uses his background in carpentry to craft custom outdoor entertainment pieces that help people "make their beach life experience even better." Read more about Mike's experience starting a contracting business, ...
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Image of a guy sitting on the back of a truck

Jun 19 2023

Lacing Up With Brandon Reisinger

Brandon Reisinger is an electrician and second-generation tradesman working in Star, Idaho, working towards his Journeyman's License. He's a firm advocate for trade school, especially for those who want to pursue a solid career but didn't quite fit in the traditional educational system. He admits, "I was not very good ...
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Image of Bill from Biltwell lacing up his boots

May 30 2023

Lacing Up With Bill Bryant/Biltwell

Bill Bryant, Co-Founder and Brand Manager for motorcycle outfitter Biltwell, wore his Thorogoods for a long-haul ride across Canada and Alaska. While we know that our boots are good for hard work on the jobsite, we're now happy to say that they also make great motorcycle rain boots since Bill ...
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May 8 2023

Lacing Up With Emma Kinkade

Meet Emma Kinkade, a badass woman and welder who never gives up on her dreams. She believes that hard work and a willingness to learn will take you wherever you want to go. Hear more about her inspirations and career journey below.  First & Last Name: Emma Kinkade  Location: I ...
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Apr 17 2023

Lacing Up With the Juedes Bothers

Jonathon Juedes and his two brothers, Joe and Jacob, work a third-generation dairy farm in the heart of Wisconsin. They know what it means to work hard, and the cows don't stop needing care when the weather is bad or equipment breaks. Hear from Jon's point of view about what ...
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Mar 28 2023

Lacing Up With Steven Pratt

They say if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. Steven Pratt found his love for electrical work as early as twelve years old, carrying on a legacy started by his father and grandfather - but the best part is still helping people in ...
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Mar 6 2023

Lacing Up With Shayne Salinas

Shayne Salinas is passionate. From starting his own business creating workwear for blue collar folks to leveling-up his emergency response career by becoming a firefighter and EMT, he is constantly working to better serve his community. While juggling all of this, he still manages to remain a dedicated family man. ...
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Feb 15 2023

Lacing Up With Erika Diggins

Erika Diggins knows what it means to prove your worth. As a woman continuing a legacy of skilled trade work set forth by the hardworking men in her family, she has pulled herself up by her bootstraps to pursue her passion for Union welding. Now, mistakes and roadblocks can't phase ...
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Image of Bobby in a trench of a building foundation

Jan 24 2023

Lacing Up With Bobby

Bobby Jovanović learned the value of skilled trades from his father and hopes to pass on their legacy of craftsmanship on to his son one day, too. As a Union Carpenter, business owner, and artist, Bobby understands the value of hard work and attention to detail. Read more about how ...
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Image of Laney lacing up her Thorogood boots

Jan 3 2023

Lacing Up With Laney Johnson

Laney Johnson's incredible attention to detail is just one of the reasons her next level work resonates with us. The dedication and patience it takes to create intricate work takes a certain kind of person and we're proud to see our boots on the feet of people like Laney. Learn ...
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Image of Jason Mack sitting in a chair smiling

Dec 5 2022

Lacing Up With Rob Elliott and Jason Mack

Rob Elliott of the Blank Canvas Project and Jason Mack of Mack Glass, come from a trades background and know the importance hard work and a positive attitude have when it comes to tackling projects. Even more important is having those traits when you're out to set records! We're inspired ...
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Image of a guy lacing up his outdoor boots

Nov 14 2022

Lacing Up With Eric Morris

As long-standing supporters of Eric's mission to expand representation of minorities in the outdoor and hunting communities, we knew we wanted to share his journey. Eric has been an important voice in expanding awareness about getting back to nature and learning to hunt for people of color. We all share ...
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Image of a guy standing next to a boot he made out of metal

Nov 1 2022

Lacing Up With Jason Fellenz

From soccer games to HVAC jobs, Jason has depended on quality footwear and his passion to learn as he's progressed from an apprentice to a shop foreman. We admire his ability to take a plain piece of sheet metal and transform it into something incredible. It's similar to how we ...
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Image of a guy standing behind a pair of American Heritage 6" Tobacco work boots

Oct 11 2022

Lacing Up With Ronnie Bowen

Meet Ronnie Bowen, a pipefitter who started his journey as an apprentice through a local pipefitters union. Ronnie learned this tough trade over the last ten years and shares good insights into what pipefitters do, why they're important, and why they need dependable footwear to make it through their days. ...
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Image of Hammer VanScyoc on his bike

Sep 19 2022

Lacing Up With Hammer VanScyoc

Hammer VanScyoc may have started his career serendipitously but his hard work has led him to a rewarding career at Harley Davidson. His pursuits have even led him to being part of an exciting new race team, the Boswell Hooligan's. Hammer's innovation and determination are admirable traits and his long-standing ...
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Image of Ruth Bratlie holding project outline papers

Aug 29 2022

Lacing Up With Ruth Bratlie

Meet Ruth Bratlie, of AMB Iron. Ruth owns and operates her very own structural steel and metal contractor company. Ruth is also a union ironworker, and a signatory contractor for Local 7, Boston. She is a big advocate for the union, and loves to be able to represent her local ...
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Image of a guy holding a metal cut out sign he made

Aug 16 2022

Lacing Up With Kyle Spicer

Kyle Spicer, of Spicer Designs, inspires us to do more. Between his day job as an electrician and his pursuits in metal fabrication, Kyle shares a lot of qualities we hoped to display in our American Heritage series - durability, an ability to weather long days, and dedication to quality. ...
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Image of Tanner Zetocha next to one of his wood fine furniture pieces wearing our 4200 boot

Jul 26 2022

Lacing Up With Tanner Zetocha

This week we spoke with Tanner from Built Knot Bought about his journey towards creating custom furniture builds. We celebrate our history by diving into Tanner's inspiration as well as his growth over the years, and why he appreciates Thorogood work boots. 1. First and last name Tanner Zetocha 2. ...
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Image of a girl sitting on a work bench wearing the 814-4200 boots

Jul 6 2022

Lacing Up With Cindy Garcia

To celebrate Weinbrenner History month we wanted to highlight the history of others, of those that enable us to have a history to tell, and to the common ground we share as creators. We talked with Cindy Garcia to learn more about what inspired her to start Klunker Boards which ...
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Oct 19 2021

Lacing Up With Michael Waddell

What is your “Go To” Thorogood hunting boot and why? I love the Thorogood work boots & no doubt that is what introduce the style & endurance of the brand, but since Thorogood got into the outdoor market, I have fell in love with the Infinity line of rubber boots. ...
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Oct 19 2021

Lacing Up With Nick Mundt

What is your “Go To” Thorogood hunting boot and why? The Infinity FD Neoprene boot is my go-to boot for hunting because it gives me all the great features needed to stay warm and dry in the field. On dewey spring mornings chasing turkeys or climbing my favorite stand for ...
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Oct 13 2021

Lacing Up With Chad Belding

What is your “Go To” Thorogood hunting boot and why? My go to Thorogood Boot is the 800g Infinity FD Rubber Boot with Realtree camouflage! I love this boot because it is stable, not too heavy, and keeps my feet warm but not warm enough to cause sweating. What is ...
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Oct 5 2021

Lacing Up With Paul Fuller

What is your “Go To” Thorogood hunting boot and why? Being a traditionalist, my go-to Thorogood Boot is the Flyway What is the most memorable hunt you have ever been on? Last year was the best in 30 years for ruffed grouse hunting. In one day, both my wife and I ...
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Oct 5 2021

Lacing Up With Tony & Angie Walker

What is your “Go To” Thorogood hunting boot and why? My go to Thorogood boot is the Infinity FD rubber boot. From early season to late they keep my feet warm and dry! Durability is everything and they hold up to fence crossing and briar patches. We rely heavily on ...
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Sep 23 2021

Lacing Up With Travis “T-Bone” Turner

What is your “Go To” Thorogood hunting boot and why? It's hard to pick just one as the favorite. But I have to say the Infinity FD Neoprene boots are my favorite for the comfort – along with being waterproof for sloshing around in these Georgia creeks and swamps. What ...
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Lacing Up With Mike Schraufnagel Meet Mike Schraufnagel the brewmaster at Point Brewery just south of our factory in Merrill. And one of the 10 oldest breweries in America founded in 1857. Not often we find a company doing what they do longer than we've been making boots.
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Lacing Up With Richard Martens Richard is the International Sales Manager at Thorogood® he has made the Thorogood® Brand known across the globe.
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