Shayne Salinas is passionate. From starting his own business creating workwear for blue collar folks to leveling-up his emergency response career by becoming a firefighter and EMT, he is constantly working to better serve his community. While juggling all of this, he still manages to remain a dedicated family man. Learn more about what lights a fire in Shayne and keeps him moving forward. 

First & Last Name: Shayne Salinas

Location: I am born and raised in the Gulf Coast region of Texas. I currently live in Pearland, TX, a suburb about 20 minutes south of Houston, with my wife, Andi, and son, Tino.

Style of Boot

When I’m on the ambulance doing EMS calls, my favorite boot is the Trooper 834-7991. I really like the ankle support and the side zippers make them easy to put on and take off. Im also a big fan of the Thorodri™ WATERPROOF System, it keeps blood-borne pathogens out of the boots When I am on the fire truck, I wear the Wellington Boot 834-6136. These boots are so comfortable, lightweight, and pulling them on and off is a breeze. Every second counts when changing into bunker gear. 

What I do

As a Firefighter/EMT, my duties are to respond to medical emergencies and fires, perform rescue operations, provide transportation to hospitals, and to educate and provide emotional support to the citizens in their time of need. 


I’m inspired by first responders and military service members. The selflessness and sacrifices of these men and women inspired me to become a Firefighter/EMT. 


I have always had the desire to serve. I wanted to have a career not only to provide for my family, but to make a difference and help others in my community. There is no other job like being a first responder. Providing care and support to someone during what might be the worst moment in their life is rewarding.

Why Thorogood

I have worn Thorogood boots in my everyday life for 10+ years. When I became a first responder, I knew what brand of boots to turn toThorogood boots are durable and dependable boots that help keep my feet comfortable during a 48-hour shift. 

How Did I Get Started

I had an office job for over a decade and I never enjoyed it. In 2014, I started a small business called Koothbrand where I specialize in handmade goods and apparel for blue collar workers. I really enjoy making clothing, but I was still missing something in life. 

So, I decided to follow my dream of becoming a first responder. I attended an EMS academy and graduated, becoming a Nationally Registered EMT. Quickly after receiving my certification and license, I got a part-time job working as an EMT for Alvin EMS. I enjoyed EMS, but wanted to challenge myself again, so I enrolled in the fire academy and became a licensed firefighter. 

I am now a Firefighter/EMT for SLFD. I still work part time as an EMT for Alvin EMS and in my free time, I design and make items for my company, Koothbrand. 


It’s been a struggle to be absent for 48 hours at a time from my family. I’m a guy that loves spending time with my family and I don’t like to miss birthdays, holidays, or family celebrations. The citizens need our help 24/7/365 and that’s what I signed up for. Having a supportive and understanding family helps. 


My advice for someone wanting to become a Firefighter/EMT would be to make sure you are physically and mentally ready. It’s a stressful and physically demanding career. 

*For more information on Shayne's business, Koothbrand, click the link below.

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