First Steps

In 1892 Albert Weinbrenner opened a cobblery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin aiming to serve those in the “jobbing” trades. This is where the legacy of Weinbrenner Shoe Co. and Thorogood® Shoes began their journey supporting the American people as those people built America.

Throughout its history, Weinbrenner Shoe Co. has made strides in creating footwear for every type of working American. Their “Job-fitted” concept was first introduced in 1917, creating footwear individualized for a wide range of jobs. The company took its first steps into safety footwear in 1938 to expand its reach and impact on its customers.


Another defining moment in Thorogood® Shoe’s history was the creation of the Official Boy Scout Boot: The Hike n’ Camp in 1964. Again, expanding on their reach to support people in their many life adventures.

So America Can

The importance of supporting the American people is a deep-seated passion within the Weinbrenner Shoe Co. During WWI they were a major contributor of boots to the U.S. Army. They continued this contribution in 1942 during WWII when they converted to all-military footwear for the duration of the war. In 2001 Weinbrenner was able to donate and ship 500 pairs of work boots to Ground Zero after the September 11 terror attacks for those working in the rubble.

Decade after decade, Thorogood® has made strides to support its hardworking customers in their daily lives, giving them one less thing to worry about.