With certain jobs, it’s all about balance. You don’t need all-out toe protection, but you also want a little extra somethin’ to keep you covered. For people who can never seem to find their perfect fit, we decided to create a line of boots just for you. The endless search for the ideal shoes is finally over, cheers!

Thorogood’s Composite Toe Work Boots were crafted and designed with the highest quality materials and fanatical attention to detail. With a lighter weight than traditional steel toe work boots, composite toe boots are a solid option for electricians, engineers, and project managers. Perfect for people who are on their feet all day and need toe protection, but who don't work regularly with heavy machinery. If this sounds like you, keep reading!

Woah, does it feel hot in here to anyone else..or just us? Not to these boots. The materials used to make Composite Toe Work Boots are poor conductors, so they don't conduct heat or electricity.

If you happen to work at an airport or a secure job-site, you’re in luck! Composite Toe Work Boots won’t set off a metal detector (unless they have a steel shaft). Choose from a unique variety of sizes, heights, and widths. You can also customize your Composite Toe Work Boots by choosing features like waterproof material, insulation, toe protection, and more.

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