Hammer VanScyoc may have started his career serendipitously but his hard work has led him to a rewarding career at Harley Davidson. His pursuits have even led him to being part of an exciting new race team, the Boswell Hooligan’s. Hammer’s innovation and determination are admirable traits and his long-standing loyalty to Thorogood speaks volumes for the durability and performance of Thorogood boots. Learn more about what inspired him to do what he does.

1. First and last name

Hammer VanScyoc

2. Location

Nashville, Tennessee

3. Style of boot you wear

Most of the time I am wearing any of the 6 inch Moc toe boots with either the wedge or MAXwear 90 slip resistant outsole. Lately I have been wearing the American Heritage Midnight Series the most. Over the last couple years I have been trying the Infinity FD Neoprene boots for hunting and absolutely love them and plan on using a pair of the 6 inch Crosstrex series boots on an upcoming backcountry Colorado Elk hunting trip.

4. What inspires you to do what you do

I've been inspired by a lot of things over the years. My dad was my first inspiration when it comes to motorcycles. When I was a kid he always had them around and was always fixing them up the way he liked them. He got me my first dirt bike when I was three years old and when I was thirteen he let me start riding his 1990 FXR around a little and that lit the fire in me. Now a lot of my inspiration comes from things that have been proven to work in the past and trying to make them better or find new ways to improve.

5. What is your purpose for doing what you are doing

My purpose is to try to better myself at everything I do as well as try to get as much enjoyment out of life as possible. That's an easy thing to do when I get to be out traveling around to new places and hanging out with my good buddies while racing on the weekends. I'd say another part to add, would be that I want to gain as much knowledge and skills from being around people that are great at what they do. So that way, hopefully one day there won't be a problem I can't solve when it comes to working on and fixing motorcycles.

6. How do Thorogood boots help you or why do you wear them

There are a few reasons why I wear Thorogood Boots. They're comfortable right out of the box and they don't have to be "broken in" like most other new boots do so that your feet don't hurt. They last a very long time and still feel great till they're completely worn out. I have been wearing Thorogood Boots since High school and don't plan on ever changing them up. I love the fact that they are made in America, not to mention, the company is filled with a ton of great people.

7. How did you get started with racing

It was kind of a complete coincidence for me to end up doing what I am doing now. I have been around motorcycles my whole life and have always loved them but while I was in high school I played drums in a few bands and played a few shows each week all over the east coast. When I turned 18 I moved to Nashville from Wadestown, West Virginia to help take care of my grandpa who was in the music business for a long time. I had planned on working for a guitar manufacturer here in Nashville, but they took too long to call me back. I needed a job rather soon, so I started washing bikes at Boswell's Harley Davidson. A few months later I moved into the shop and became a mechanic, and shortly after that my boss and I bought a wrecked 883 sportster together and I built it and started racing it. It's crazy how everything kind of blew up from there. Boswell's Hooligan Race Team was started shortly after and we started traveling all over the country going to as many races as possible anywhere from Florida to California and most places in between.

8. What struggles have you encountered

I think the biggest struggle I have encountered is the never ending fight with time. It can be hard to juggle your personal and professional life at times. There, sometimes just isn't enough time in the day for everything you need to handle. I'm not complaining by any means because I know there are always people with more on their plate to take care of and I'm very fortunate for all of the things I get to do with my friends and wouldn't trade it for anything.

9. What advice would you have for others that are interested in doing what you do? 

I'd say some of the best advice I could give someone wanting to get into what I'm doing is to surround yourself with knowledgeable successful people and try to take in as much as possible from them because they didn't get where they're at for no reason.

*For more information and images about Hammer, visit the link below.

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