Laney Johnson’s incredible attention to detail is just one of the reasons her next level work resonates with us. The dedication and patience it takes to create intricate work takes a certain kind of person and we’re proud to see our boots on the feet of people like Laney. Learn more about how she created her own unique path after years of learning the trades from her father.

Name: Laney Johnson

Location: Ashland, Kentucky

Image of Laney looking off to the side smiling

Style of Boot

6” Moc Toe - 814-4200


My inspiration comes from so many directions.
I’m a mixed media artist. Sometimes a color or texture catches my eye & gets my thoughts going. I’ve recently made some horse portraits from wood & those began with me putting stain on an old piece of plywood and noticing how the texture looked like a horses coat. I went with it and built on the idea from there. I like to look at things and think “how can I put a twist on how this is normally used” Being from Kentucky we have plenty of Bourbon barrels, instead of putting an image on the wood like I’ve seen done before I cut the barrels up to create a portrait of Secretariat. I guess coming up with new ways to use things inspires me most. I love challenges.


I honestly just love making things with my hands. Watching an idea come to life is fulfilling.
I also love making things for people that make their day a little better. Lately I’ve been creating a lot of wooden pet portraits & it makes me so happy to be able to create a piece of art of a special pet for someone that they can look at everyday on their wall.

Why Thorogood

My shop has a concrete floor that I’m standing on for 8 plus hours a day so I wanted a boot with a supportive sole. I’m also pretty rough on my boots & needed boots that would hold up through woodworking & metalworking. My last requirement was comfort. Thorogood checked all the boxes & I love the style of them. The color of the leather & the stitching on the toe. They have a classic look to them & aren’t bulky like some work boots. I love that they are made in America & by such a great company. Since I first tagged Thorogood in my social media posts they have followed me online & shown support right back to me & it means a lot for a brand to do that.

How Did I Get Started

Growing up I tagged along with my dad at work a lot building houses and steel buildings. He taught me how to use tools, build things, run equipment & always made sure I knew I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. Working with him definitely gave me the skills & confidence to try new things. I drew constantly as a kid so I think I always had an artistic mind. Instead of structures like my dad I gravitated toward creating art out of wood & metal.


Balance has been a struggle. Running an online business requires you to fill so many positions. I’m the one creating and shipping my art, marketing, answering emails & messages, learning to run new machines, maintenancing those machines etc. I’ve definitely learned since starting that it’s so important to schedule in some time for yourself. If I don’t I get mentally & physically burnt out & my creativity suffers for it. I still struggle to keep up with it all & take time for myself but I’m more mindful of it now.


Use what you have, do what you can & just start. Don’t worry about not having the right skills or the best tools. Those will come with time. Don’t worry about making mistakes. I’ve learned more from my mistakes & failed projects than any successful ones. The other big thing is to be yourself. Especially in this time where social media is such a big part of sharing your craft and business. Don’t worry about following trends or keeping up with others that do what you do. Learn what you can from all the amazing people online willing to share their skills & then apply it to your own unique ideas.

*For more information on Laney's projects, art, and pictures, or if you would like to book a piece with her, click the links below.

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