We've found and interviewed Thorogood wearers across the country in a variety of professions, but this group may be one of our most unique connections yet. Pet Needs is a U.K.-based punk band taking big risks to follow their dreams. Hear from the group about their inspirations, tough times, and how our Thorogood work boots found their way on stage with the band.

Let's Meet the Band

Pet Needs has four bandmates: Johnny Marriott on lead vocals, George Marriott on guitar, Rich Gutierrez on bass, and Jack Lock on drums. The group is from Essex in the eastern part of England. When we asked them why they chose to become musicians, they told us it was "to live a creative life, see the world, and pay the rent by playing songs." They tour the world (our interview with them came all the way from France) and share that their inspirations are the people they meet and the human connections they make when playing live. Johnny shared, "To be able to tour this planet and have people singing your songs back to you is a privilege and a joy."

So, when did the band get together? When George moved to Essex in 2016, he and his brother, Johnny, started writing punk songs together, and it snowballed from there. "It built quickly," Johnny told us, "we left our jobs 18 months ago to do it full time."

The Struggles

Not every punk rock garage band makes it big, and Pet Needs admitted that "when we first started, we played for fun and never expected it to turn out like this. But here we are! We feel very lucky."

We asked about their biggest hurdles starting out as musicians. When they quit their day jobs to go on their first world tour with Frank Turner, the U.K. leg was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. "We were left with no job, no money, and no shows," they shared, "we had to think quickly and built a DIY tour of house shows. You have to be resilient in this business." That setback didn't stop them. They told us, "There are a million knockbacks – you just have to take it on the chin and come back stronger!"

The Advice

For other aspiring musicians, Pet Needs advises a diet of tenacity and passion. "Love what you do! If you already love the music you're creating, you're halfway there," said Johnny. When the going gets tough, remember that everyone will have bad shows. To sum it up, "Take risks. Grab opportunities. Be humble. Work hard."

Thorogoods Make Their Way to the U.K.

Johnny wears the Thorogood Midnight Series 6" Moc Toes on stage. "They look absolutely boss and are lightweight enough to jump about in on stage," he said, which we think makes Thorogoods certified rock band shoes.

It might be a stretch to say that our work boots are the best shoes for musicians, but Johnny fell in love with the classic design, saying, "And to return from an American tour with some proper American boots that look this good is awesome!"

Show Pet Needs Some Love

Since 2022, the band has been on tour nonstop. They've toured with Frank Turner, The Bronx, Flogging Molly, and The Bouncing Souls. Find Pet Needs online to stream or purchase their two albums, "Fractured Party Music" and "Primetime Entertainment," out now. And keep an eye out for their third album, coming soon!

To follow along with Pet Needs and see when and where they will be playing, check out their website and social pages by clicking the buttons below!

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