What is your “Go To” Thorogood hunting boot and why?

I love the Thorogood work boots & no doubt that is what introduce the style & endurance of the brand, but since Thorogood got into the outdoor market, I have fell in love with the Infinity line of rubber boots. Living in GA it’s seems we live in a swamp half the time chasing turkeys & deer. These boots keep me dry, yet they are very comfortable for long walks. They also are way tougher than the average rubber boots of the competing brands.

What is the most memorable hunt you have ever been on?

I have so many memorable hunts that it’s difficult to just name one, but one that always comes to mind is when my Daddy(who is my hero) got his first elk with a bow on our first year shooting for Bone Collector TV series! We had always dreamed of hunting elk, but had never got to because of financial reasons & responsibility around GA. Through my career I had been afforded a chance to hunt elk, but he had not. So I got Daddy lined up to hunt elk in 2008 & was with him when he shot it. It was very emotional. I was so proud to give my Daddy a gift like this as a little bit of pay back for all he had done for me.

Who is your favorite hunting partner and why?

My favorite hunting partner is more of partners. Ha. I would say it’s my family. My wife, my kids. It’s super awesome to see my kids & family enjoy the outdoors. For me I get more pleasure from seeing them fill tags & be successful hunting than when I am.

If you could only hunt one season each year, what would it be and why?

My favorite season is probably turkey season. I just love turkey hunting! I like the aggressive approach to it. You can rely on skill more than luck on turkey & I like this. You did wait around it’s a very offensive approach. Plus turkey calling in contest is what landed my opportunity to work in hunting industry.

What is the best life lesson you have learned while hunting?

My biggest life lesson has been getting a better understanding of the wild & appreciation of it. The wildlife & outdoors teaches us so much. You realize & are humbled by the work of the creator! The wild animals have a very tough yet somewhat selfish life where only the strong survive. They have no social media or morals. They do what they wish, yet still don’t cross certain boundaries. I’m humbled every time I go deep in the outdoors. It’s such an awesome place to disconnect & slow down. Hunting has taught me & given me the best therapy one could ask for.

Who introduced you to hunting?

My Daddy & my uncle Morgan is who truly introduced me to hunting or at least refined & fueled my fire for it. I grew up in a rural areas of GA so it seemed all around me hunting & used the resources there to put food on the table, so I had always shot guns, hunted small game since I can remember. It was my Daddy & uncle Morgan that took it to the next level for me.

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