We sat down with Mike Taylor, a man living his American dream at the beach in Galveston, Texas, where he uses his background in carpentry to craft custom outdoor entertainment pieces that help people "make their beach life experience even better." Read more about Mike's experience starting a contracting business, his inspirations, and his struggles.

Starting Island Crown, LLC

Mike Taylor's carpentry career first took him around the country working for an environmental remediation company, but 15 years of constant travel was tough for a family man. When he decided it was time to come home every night after work in 2020, he started creating his own business plan.

With a solid idea and the skills to back it up, Island Crown, LLC was born! "I’ve found a market in this beachfront area for outdoor entertainment and privacy work, such as tiki bars, furniture, louvered walls, etc. I’m able to deliver a unique quality product to my customers," says Mike.

The Inspiration

When we asked what drives Mike to continue following his passion, he told us "My inspiration is my determination to succeed on my own." We admire those with a hardworking spirit who forge their own way forward, especially with a unique product offering. Mike's advice for those looking to develop their own skilled trade business ideas is to "find that special trait that sets you apart from the pack. Whatever you’re making, find a way to make it better than you thought it should be made."

The Struggles

We know that opening your own business is no small feat. For Mike, the hardest part was the learning curve – especially for the aspects that fall outside of his skilled trade experience. "Learning how to find and promote my work, how to improve the quality of my products and most importantly, learning what I should and should not be doing. I’ve taken on jobs that I shouldn’t have, but I’ve also stepped into new directions that I never expected to be in."

Our advice for getting your small business off the ground? Use all the tools available to you to help set you up for success. There are tons of resources, like this one from the Small Business Association, that can help you figure out the details so you can focus on doing what you love.

Hardworking Boots for Hardworking People

As someone who spends all day on their feet, Mike could be considered somewhat of a work boot connoisseur – he even keeps three pair of boots in his regular rotation, two of our American Heritage 6" Safety Toe Wedges in Tobacco and another pair in black! "Thorogood Boots help my feet remain safe and comfortable whether I’m climbing flights of stairs all day, loading material at the lumber yard, or working in a finished bathroom."

To learn more about Island Crown and what services are offered, check out their Instagram page and website by clicking the buttons below!

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