Meet Edgar Aceituno: a veteran of the rodent and pest control industry who runs his own business out of Norwalk, in sunny SoCal.

Edgar understands the importance hard work plays in reaching his goals. Of course, we were excited to learn more about his successes, and the role his Thorogood boots play in his achievements.

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Getting into the business

Edgar been in the pest control game for more than a decade. It didn’t take him long to understand that the service he provided wasn’t just another stable job; it was a necessity for the lives of the people he assisted, which he found rewarding.

“I take pride in knowing I help people maintain a sanitary environment, both at home and in business,” Edgar says.

“[It means] we can live the lives we deserve as hardworking Americans, providing for our loved ones.”

After several years as an employee, Edgar began to consider the possibility of starting his own business. So, like any budding entrepreneur, he dove headfirst into carrying out market research. This led him to make a fateful decision.

“After seeing the lack of reliable pest control options […] I took the risk and started my own business in the middle of a pandemic which, surprisingly, proved to be the perfect time.”

It may have been a mixture of luck and hard strategy, but it certainly proved to be a fruitful choice. He hasn’t looked back since.

Running a pest control operation

While starting your own business takes a lot of self-belief and determination, operating on a day-to-day basis is no less challenging, and requires a lot of energy and forethought. However, as far as Edgar’s concerned, it’s an honest and rewarding path.

“Being a business owner is a daily struggle,” he says. “But it’s well worth every obstacle overcome!”

A workday typically begins by getting out of bed at 5am to read emails and plan for the 10–15 stops he’ll be making at customers’ properties.

“Planning ahead is important in our industry,” Edgar quips. “A 15- or 30-minute delay in ‘beautiful’ SoCal traffic can turn into a setback of an hour or more. You’ll be playing catch up all day.”

Before he even considers getting on the road, there’s still plenty for him to do. The truck needs to be inspected, and an ice chest filled with water and energy drinks to “beat the heat”.

Checking all the equipment needed during the day is the next task, which includes making sure the power tool batteries are fully charged.

Once the kit is ready, Edgar turns his attention to the customers. After sending each one an estimated arrival time, the focus switches to assessing how each job will be dealt with.

“Problem solving is what you’re looking forward to doing all day, since you have folks counting on you,” he remarks.

Coming up with a game plan is therefore a crucial practical step. “We must make sure all products used by us are safe and effective,” he continues. “No two services are the same, and every client presents a different issue.”

Staying healthy

The long workdays present Edgar with a challenge when it comes to achieving a good work-life balance. “Spreading yourself out” as he refers to it can certainly take a toll if you’re not mindful, and lead to burnout.

But it’s not just the hours: there’s also the physical aspect. In addition to the extensive driving, much of those extended working days are spent servicing homes, which can mean being on your hands and knees in attics and crawl spaces.

To be able to keep up with this pace, it’s important to be able to recharge. For Edgar, this means “learning how to hit pause”. When he’s not spending time with his family of five, he likes to hit the road on his Harley Davidson. Cruising on his motorcycle is the perfect way to “cancel out the noise”.

Advice for others

Starting your own business is never easy, but it helps to approach it with the right mindset.

Edgar’s advice for any aspiring entrepreneur is to “go all in mentally”, for as he puts it: “owning your own business is the most rewarding and prideful thing you can do.”

“Go to work daily, knowing you can succeed with hard work, grit, and determination,

“Go into each day celebrating the small victories and keeping your can-do attitude intact when the bumps come along.”

Sheer will and determination will certainly take you far, but it’s important to back up your presence and motivation with knowledge and raw wit. Something Edgar knows only too well.

“Further your education and strive to think outside the box. There are many roads that all lead you to succeed.”

Wise words we find hard to disagree with.

The best boots for comfort, stability, and protection

When it comes to footwear for the job, Edgar needs a safe option which helps him negotiate the more precarious parts of his workday, such as walking on roofs, climbing ladders and crawling through attics. But as he needs to wear them all day, comfort is still a crucial factor.

His preferred choice is Thorogood’s American Heritage 6” Moc Toe Steel Toe boots. And who can blame him? With a slip-resistant outsole, shock-absorbing insole, and composite shank for all-day support, he’s able to go about his day in comfort and confidence.

In addition, the steel toe, electrical hazard protection and oil-resistant material provide protection under all manner of circumstances – even when he’s not working.

What do we wean? Well, when Edgar’s out on his Harley, his American Heritage moc toes are also his riding boots of choice! This proved to be a smart decision earlier this year, when he had the misfortune of being in an accident that caused him to fall off his trusty ride.

“Even with my leg pinned underneath my bike, I was dragged about 30 feet. My Thorogood boots saved my foot and ankle from being destroyed by the pavement.”

We’re proud that our boots really proved their value when it mattered. Nothing could be more important to us.

We hope our hard-wearing footwear will continue to assist Edgar’s hard work (and play) for years to come.

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