At Thorogood®, we never stop in our work to combine traditional craftsmanship and attention to quality with the latest technology to create new work boots that are job fitted for your needs. You work hard, and you need a pair of hard-working boots that are made for the job you do. In our selection of new work boots, you'll find trusted safety toe boots with a stylish new look, durable outdoor boots made to protect your feet when you're working in the toughest conditions, and boots made to keep your feet comfortable and supported, even when you're on them all day. Quality work boots are made to last, and our new work boots carry on our proud tradition of making a quality crafted product that you can rely on.

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Nick R.

So damn comfortable

Logan S.

These boots rock!

So I'm pretty hard on shoes. Normal sneakers will last me 6 months before dying terribly. The average boot lasts a year to a year and a half at best. My Air Force boots were my go to for the last decade since they managed to hold up for 3 years on average. These boots fit like a glove, feel damn good to wear, and after 4 months they show no sign of breaking down. I also love the zipper. The composite toe is just as strong as my old military pairs, taking a falling 80 lbs washer like it was nothing. I foresee these boots lasting a long time and are well worth the price. 

James K.

Typical Thorogood awesomeness

They look great (tons of compliments already), feel great, and the leather even smells wonderful. Wedge soles don't last as long as Vibram lugs, but the comfort trade-off is more than fair. Really quick break-in, aided by a bit of Leather Honey. With a touch of care (regularly brush,occasionally condition, and using a boot dryer), they can last for ages - my black pair is on its 3rd set of soles.