Work boots either help you run the day, or allow the day to run you. Built for the rain or shine, we’ve crafted quality boots SINCE 1892. When long days arrive, or problems attempt to take the reins, you can trust that Thorogood boots are supporting you every step of the way.

Right when you put them on, Thorogood boots fit like a glove. They just feel right! This has been a core focus for our company since 1892. We have a deep seated passion for cheering on the American worker, supporting people who still work for a living is why we do what we do. What’s your reason for the work you do? Like our forefathers, you probably have a passion for being a part of something bigger than yourself. You know honest work creates a legacy that lasts generations to come. We’re honored to be on your journey with you, and excited to help you lace-up your legacy. We know you and other hard working Americans are the backbone of our country. There’s been a steady decline in people willing to get their hands dirty, causing shortages and more on your plate throughout the work day. Thankfully, there is still a core group who are willing to work before the sun is up, and after it’s down. About 90% of blue-collar workers polled for a recent survey say they are proud of the work they do. Nearly 74% of blue-collar workers in the U.S. say there is a good career path in their line of work! We’ve put our faith in blue collar folks, and we hope you put your faith in us. We’re here for you, the next generation, and the one beyond them.

Not only do they feel good, they’re purty good lookin’ too. The collection of work boots from Thorogood provide a great fit for any job, location, or season. No boot is one-size-fits-all. We kept this in mind with dozens of customization options for precise sizing and personalization. Choose from 21 different sizes ranging from 4 to 16. Also select your ideal width with 7 options running from B to XW. We’re not done yet! You can also choose from 7 different heights. Snow, rain, slush, mud - no problem. Filter through our waterproof work boots to choose material built tough to last through rough weather conditions all year long. You know what they say, safety first! Depending on your job, you might need toe protection. We have a wide range of boots developed with steel or composite safety toe integration. And if you’re looking for optimal comfort, insulated work boots are where it’s at. Long gone are the days of wet socks, holes, blisters, and sore or cold feet. Our Logger Series work boots are fully insulated and waterproof for guaranteed durability.

Tested and certified to meet the rigid standards established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), all our safety boots and other footwear meets or exceeds the highest ASTM F2413-11 or ASTM F2892-11 ratings (where applicable). Check out our most popular series, and our newest men's work boots.

Get to work! Scroll down and find your perfect fit.

Ty R.

Finally found my favorite boots

I waited a couple months to leave a review so I could give a better opinion. These are now the best boots I've ever owned. I have worn at least 4-5 other major brands that specialize in work boots. I am a repairman for a telecommunications company, so I spend my days outside. Most of these days are up ladders, down in manholes, or in excavated pits. They have held up in every situation. They're the first waterproof boot I've had in a while that don't have thick padding on the inside. I love that because my feet don't sweat as much in the heat. Also, my feet have stayed bone dry in the rain. The break-in process was probably only about a week. When winter comes around again, I will be purchasing an insulated pair. I've been in this industry for 16 years and have been trying to find the best boot. Well I just found it. The only even remotely negative thing I can say, is that after standing on a ladder for 4 hours, my feet do tend to get sore.

Nicolas G.

Best in the industry

Have been the most comfortable and durable boots I have gotten in the past 10 years working construction. Love their 1 year warranty as they are true to their word.