What is your “Go To” Thorogood hunting boot and why?

The Infinity FD Neoprene boot is my go-to boot for hunting because it gives me all the great features needed to stay warm and dry in the field. On dewey spring mornings chasing turkeys or climbing my favorite stand for whitetails the Infinity FD Neoprene is comfortable and fits well. It’s suited for long sits or long hikes!

What is the most memorable hunt you have ever been on?

My most memorable hunt was a hunt I went on with my Dad to Russia for brown bears. We had both wanted to kill a brown bear for most of our lives and to get to travel three quarters of the way around the world and bring home 2 monster bears was probably my most cherished adventure. The adventure, the scenery and getting our hands on those monster bears was a dream come true that we were able to share together.

Who is your favorite hunting partner and why?

My favorite hunting partner is a really tough to narrow down because I have shared so many great adventures with people who are a big part of my life. If I had to pick though, I would say Michael Waddell. He has provided me with so many opportunities in my life and has been supportive of my goals as a hunter. I can always count on having a good time even if the hunting isn’t the best, our chemistry and our love of the hunt and everything that surrounds the camp life is on the same level and I’m always looking forward to each trip we are able to share! Michael is always happy for whoever is successful in camp and that’s the way a friend should be.

If you could only hunt one season each year, what would it be and why?

If I could only hunt one season it would probably be whitetails because it starts in September somewhere and ends in February somewhere! I love to hunt period and it is hard for me to narrow down my favorite species. Hunting has been my life’s work and my passion since I was a young kid.

What is the best life lesson you have learned while hunting?

Enjoy each moment. Take it in day by day. Cherish the friendships made. The people are what make a great hunt!

Who introduced you to hunting?

I was introduced to hunting by my grandfather on my mom’s side and my Dad. Starting from a young boy we hunted everything from small game to big game. When I was young, I spent many days walking the creek at my grandpa’s farm shooting at everything that ran, swam, or flew from me. I wanted to get my hands on all the critters and hunting was the only way to do it. Chasing small game and sneaking up on rabbits, squirrels and turtles sunning on logs made me a good hunter. My grandpa would take me to the farm daily in the summer after we had lunch and listened to Paul Harvey on a scratchy AM station. Some great memories, I’m thankful to have had a dad and grandpa who got me interested in hunting and loving to spend time in the outdoors.

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