At Thorogood, we’re proud to trace our legacy all the way back to 1892.

That’s when Albert Weinbrenner, a first-generation German immigrant, took over his father’s cobbler shop in Milwaukee. The small business catered to the city’s workers and tradespeople, and Albert, who had begun apprenticing at age 13, believed he was on to something with his vision for “job-fitted” footwear.

What began way back then is still growing today. Thorogoods are built to specs Albert would be proud of, and our work has expanded to three Wisconsin factories and beyond. Regardless of which style you choose or what you wear them for, Thorogoods never compromise. The attention to every single detail is unparalleled. The quality and care are apparent the moment you take them out of the box. And our signature combination of old-world craft and modern technology delivers the ultimate in comfort and durability.

In other words, as we like to say around here: We work harder on our boots so you can work harder in them. It’s a promise we’ve been keeping for over 130 years. And we plan on keeping it a whole lot longer.


Since 1980, over 1,000 shoe factories in the United States have closed. Fast forward to today, and over 95% of shoes sold in the USA are manufactured in countries like China, Vietnam, and others.  Yet, Weinbrenner has remained steadfast in our commitment to crafting footwear in Wisconsin since 1892. Why? Because we believe in the unparalleled skill and dedication of American craftsmen and women. It's no secret that producing footwear in the USA comes with its challenges, but we firmly believe that when given the opportunity, American artisans can create footwear of the highest caliber. At Weinbrenner, we strive to uphold this tradition by sourcing most of our components domestically, including our premium USA leather hides. However, there are instances where we utilize quality materials from global sources to ensure the excellence of our products. That is why you see a “Made in USA with USA & Globally Sourced Components” label on our footwear. Final construction on those boots is always completed in our Union factories in Wisconsin. Through our commitment to American manufacturing, we proudly declare that we produce the finest footwear money can buy.

Image of American Heritage 8" tobacco moc toe with MaxWear wedge boot on a person

Employee owned in wisconsin

It’s simple, we make boots. Thorogood® is an employee-owned company that takes pride in creating a quality crafted product that you can rely on.

Thorogood® boots are designed for you. We skip all the BS and get right to work with our “job-fitted” boots. Our consumers are the rough, tough, classic hard-working people who need footwear that gets the job done. That’s why our boots act as a tool to support you through whatever dirt you have to deal with that day.

Trusted for over 130 years

Thorogood® shoes are simply put, a classic. We take the finest sourced materials to create a tough, comfortable, and supportive boot you can trust. Since 1892, we’ve created a legacy of industry-leading footwear. We’ve made it a priority to deliver safety and comfort to our customers for over 130 years.

Whether you’re a firefighter, public safety professional, lineman, carpenter, or anyone else that works for a living, we’ve got your back, on the job and off. Thorogood® boots have the soul to support you through all of life’s unforgettable moments. It’s these dedicated people that inspire us to make quality crafted footwear.

Image of the two original founders of Weinbrenner