Josh Walker is the co-founder of 1620 Workwear: makers, sellers, and distributors of high-performance technical clothing for working people.

Based in Amesbury, Massachusetts, Josh and partnering co-founder Ted De Innocentis are on a mission to set high standards for the manufacture of workwear worn by American workers.

Like ourselves, 1620 Workwear share a commitment to dedication, innovation, and unyielding quality.

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From humble beginnings to a workwear revolution

The story of Josh and Ted isn’t just about workwear; it’s an admirable American narrative of grit and perseverance.

Growing up among a family of manual laborers, Josh quickly learned the value of durable, reliable clothing. It was clear that poor quality clothing was having a negative impact on the people around him and only served to make their jobs more challenging.

Later, once he’d crossed paths with his future co-founder, Josh realised both he and Ted had arrived at a similar viewpoint early in their careers.

“We were so sick of seeing our friends and family work in cheap, offshored, throwaway clothing that actually made their lives harder,” Josh explains.

“So with 1620, we wanted to focus on the often maligned, underserved, hard working American with the best American made clothing money can buy.”

Working in workwear

As the person who oversees the marketing and branding for 1620 Workwear, Josh has spent a lot of time working with both professional creatives and skilled workers to highlight the contribution everyday people make in the forging of a strong society.

“[It’s about] telling the unsung working man’s story, championing American manufacturing,” Josh says. “I am keenly aware how important manufacturing jobs are.”

While Josh and Ted’s intention is to supply working people with the right clothing for the job; they also want to ensure their business doesn’t just support themselves, but also the very community of workers they serve.

“[We’re] providing a liveable wage for those Americans who make the gear,” Josh explains. “Giving the working guy what he deserves, in terms of quality and making it here, doing the right thing.”

An American success story

Manufacturing product in the US for American workers is something both Josh and Ted are committed to. While it’s important to them from a position of patriotism and pride, it’s also a reliable way to ensure that American workers receive the best clothing possible.

Josh feels strongly about what he sees as a decline in American manufacturing, and its impact on the workers who supported those industries: the “cities and towns that used to be thriving hubs”.

His dismay is clear. He feels that those places have been “completely forgotten because of offshore manufacturing.” He wants this to change and sees this need as a guiding principle for their wider business strategy.

“Working men and women should be focused on supporting American brands,” Josh says to us. “The big corporations that seem to be calling all the shots are trying to offshore their jobs for profit.”

American boots for American workers

The fact that Thorogood’s work boots are made in the USA is something Josh strongly admires. To him, it’s clear that both his brand and ours come from a similar place (literally). It’s a strong part of the appeal.

“It’s an honor to wear what is, in my opinion, the best work boot,” he tells us.

Looking down at his own Thorogood boots, he continues: “It says something; that American flag tag means something. There aren’t many brands left that honor that great heritage of American work boot manufacturing.”

Advice for others

When it comes to following in the footsteps of visionary and principled entrepreneurs like Josh and Ted, you’d imagine you’d have your work cut out for you.

While Josh agrees, his solution catches us by surprise:

“My advice? I would say don’t do what I do! Learn a high-paying skilled trade, it will be a much better life! I often wish I was an electrician!”

Josh chuckles after making this comment, but it obviously comes from a place of sincerity. He believes in the earnestness and honest hard work that underpins making a living with your own two hands. With his background and outlook, it’s easy to see where that respect comes from.

At the start of the interview, we noticed that Josh was wearing Thorogood 6 inch moc toes. The reason, he explained, was that “the versatility and comfort is unmatched.”

Well Josh, if you ever do decide to make that career switch to being an electrician, don’t switch out your boots! Our 6” moc toe range comes equipped with ASTM-rated shock resistant soles – providing perfect protection for anyone exposed to electrical hazards!


We thank Josh for the opportunity to highlight the importance of quality manufacturing in workwear production and the reasons why we, like 1620 Workwear, strive to make sure the working men and women of this country are properly outfitted for the tough jobs they carry out which benefit us all.

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