You have enough on your plate, starting the morning off with sub-par boots isn’t an option. For those that work before the sun is up, and after it’s down, the last thing you need are sore feet to end and start your day.

On average, blue collar workers in the U.S. work about 41 hours per week. Unlike most jobs, these 41 hours aren’t spent sitting around. We know these hours are spent running, manufacturing, and problem solving in dirt, mud or snow. Be ready for whatever the day throws at you, with boots that support you every single step.

We’re not all talk, so don’t just take our word for it! Thorogood is a company rooted in history with over 130 years crafting men’s boots for the hardest-working people. We’ve kept our history of attention-to-detail and resiliency, while adding modern technology to keep up with the modern worker.

Thorogood shoes are a classic footwear choice through and through.


To keep up with Americans working in the elements, we’ve introduced a revolutionary solution to get the job done. Our Iron River Series wasn’t just designed to look good (but let’s be honest, they do). The Iron River Series are built tough with welt construction and full-grain leather, plus a removable Ultimate Shock Absorption footbed and Work/Life EVA to keep you comfortable through long shifts. These are honest boots built for honest work.

The Iron River Series is completely waterproof. Long gone are the days of wet socks, holes, blisters, and sore or cold feet. These boots carry you through the 4 seasons with a long life-span you can count on. This design has been engineered by our team to work alongside you right out of the box. With full-grain high quality leather,  an extra pair of River Bank brown laces, oil and slip-resistant outsole, and electrical hazard protection, we’ve spent time thinking of every problem you could face and how to solve it.

The Iron River boots are inspired by the industrious spirit of the men behind the logging industry boom in Iron River, Wisconsin. It was known as a rowdy “Boom town” that was ignited by strong frontier energy. Just like us, these men were always ready to work, and always ready to have fun.

Are you ready to lace-up your legacy? Scroll down to see your new favorite boots.