Why Choose Work Boot Repair & Restoration?

Wondering what to do when your work boots are worn out? Quality leather boots are an investment that can last for years when they’re well taken care of. But when they’ve been put through the ringer and start to show their age, boots with damage or worn-down tread can be dangerous on the jobsite. Work boot repair and restoration can help keep you safe, comfortable, and even save you money in the long run. Here’s all you need to know about restoring your favorite pair of hardworking boots.

repairing a thorogood work boot on a stitching machine.

Is it worth it to repair boots instead of buying a new pair?

High quality work boots are a valuable investment in your safety and comfort. Buying a new pair every time they wear out can run you $400-600+ per year, depending on what your boots go through at work. Resoling boots costs around $100-150 and extends the life of your boots substantially, saving you money in the long run. Every dollar counts these days, especially during times of inflation and recession.

Thorogood boots are built to last. Consider sending your boots off to our restoration experts for a resole or complete leather boot restoration to keep your Thorogood boots working as hard as you do.

Should I repair my work boots?

Once a pair of boots have been put to work, the most common complaints from wearers are loss of or uneven tread and reduced slip resistance. If you’re starting to notice any of these signs, it’s probably a good idea to repair or replace your boots to avoid potential injury.

If your boots can be repaired or restored, we recommend it – not only can you save money, but you’ll also reduce waste headed to landfills and support the time-honored trade of cobbling. Plus, you’ll avoid having to break in a new pair!

How do you know when boots need to be resoled?

When to resole boots depends on a few factors, like the materials they’re made from, the environment you work in, what you do on the jobsite, and how often you wear them. Here are a few signs to watch for that may indicate it’s time to resole or repair your work boots:

  • The tread on your outsole has worn down unevenly and walking is uncomfortable
  • Your boots have less traction than usual or begin to slip
  • The welting has begun to fray or separate from your outsole

Can you get work boots resoled?

Yes, you can resole and restore most work boots to almost like-new condition, depending on their construction and the level of damage. There are a few exceptions, like boots with soles that are attached primarily with glue (rather than stitching) and those that have already been repaired using glue. Boots can likely be repaired as long as the upper is in-tact and the insole hasn’t cracked.

Resoling boots with new Vibram® or rubber soles restores tread and reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents at work. Thorogood’s boot restoration services offer resoling as well as complete restoration, which also includes replacement midsoles, insoles, laces, and stitching needs – and all Thorogood restorations include a nice clean and recondition to revitalize the leather.

So, why choose work boot repair and restoration? We think it’s an all-around good idea. Give your favorite pair of hardworking leather boots a second life, save some cash, and support a fellow tradesman. If you have questions about restoring your boots, give our experts a call today.

Restoration Options

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