Andy lives each day knowing he only lives once, here’s how he does it.

Andrew Clark resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He pays the bills as a local 183 sprinkler fitter, and spends the rest of his time pushing his limits racing pull start bikes and Harley Davidson Sportsters.


There’s nothing more inspiring than watching someone overcome an addiction. According to 2022 survey stats, 46.8 million (16.7%) Americans (aged 12 and older) battled a substance use disorder in the past year.

Andy will have been clean and sober for 9 years (as of September 3rd). He’s actively involved to this day in helping the recovery community and sharing his story and struggles with addiction so others can do the same.

“I am proudly and openly involved in the recovery community. I went through a lot with addiction and the struggles that come along with that. I’ve spent too much time locked up and homeless. Now, most of my time is spent helping others and working for a brighter future.”


Andy has found a career where he can really stand out as a 183 sprinkler fitter. He competes in competitions, and is on his way to becoming licensed in the next couple of months!

“Just last week I finished 2nd at the Wisconsin pipe trades competition for all of the apprentices in Wisconsin.
I am in my final year and will test for my license in a few short months.”

Andrew let us know that his work boots play a big role in his day to day as a sprinkler fitter. His recommendation is the Thorogood 8” Moc Toe Waterproof work boot.


If Andrew has one thing, it’s a sense of adventure. In his off-time you can find him riding his Harley, hitting up great places to eat, and adventure racing or hill climbing.

Even when he’s not at work, Andy has Thorogood boots for every occasion. When he’s out and about he likes the Thorogood 6” Moc Toe boots, and when he’s going 100mph on a bike, he prefers Thorogood 8” Classic Moc Toe, Non-Steel Non-Insulated boots.

“Fun is important, I’m still a bit of an adrenaline junkie. When I’m doing stupid stuff Thorogood boots keep me safe and rule abiding!
Yes, even the AMA allows 8” over the ankle work boots over 100mph on dirt.”


 Being a blue collar worker, 9 years sober, and avid bike rider is no easy feat. When we asked, Andy had some great guidance to help someone looking to overcome addiction or thrive in their career or hobbies.

“As far as advice, if you’re currently struggling with drugs or alcohol, there is hope no matter how many times you’ve tried.
Work is work, sometimes it sucks but definitely check out the different unions and pay structures in your local area.
Having a great career with union benefits, training and job security really provide a sense of pride and accomplishment. And as far as racing… don’t do it, racing is dumb. But the community is beautiful.”

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