When you need comfortable, practical shoes that look sharp with your dress uniform, you'll find a great selection of uniform dress shoes made by Thorogood®. From classic black leather oxfords and chukka styles to high-gloss poromeric shoes, athletic-style shoes, and men's tactical dress shoes, we make dress shoes for a variety of situations and jobs. Your shoes should make a good impression, with options like high shine leather and abrasion-resistant materials, and keep you ready to take care of business, with comfortable footbeds and flexible outsoles.

We make uniform dress shoes for a range of jobs and offer models with benefits you won't always find elsewhere. Need safety toe dress shoes or waterproof options? Check out our Crosstrex series. Want dress shoes that can be polished to a high shine? We have multiple options in our Uniform Classics series that will keep you looking and feeling great. Whether you'll be on your feet all day or need to be able to jump into action at a moment's notice, our collection of tactical dress shoes has the options you need.