Twon Haugen is pursuing his passion in Music City, USA, and working as a bartender to pay the bills until he makes it big. Read about his passion, struggles, and advice for others hoping to follow the same path.


On the Road to Becoming a Full-Time Musician

Twon made the move towards becoming a musician almost 10 years ago after relocating to Nashville, Tennessee. "I had been working lots of blue-collar jobs before that, but my main focus was on being a musician, so a career change to one with a more flexible schedule was in order," he told us, "I've been working at the same bar ever since while playing gigs and touring as much as possible." Working two jobs can be tough, but Twon finds meaning in both roles. He shared, "I do what I can to follow my passion for music, but I think the main purpose of doing what I do is to give people somewhere to get away from life's distractions for a minute. While they enjoy a song or a drink, they can forget about stress at home or work and decompress." We're grateful for people like Twon who use their skills to help make long days a little easier.

The Struggles of Learning How to Do Music Full-time

It's probably no surprise that shooting for the stars can lead to more than a few bumps along the road. When we asked Twon about what makes the journey tough, he said "It's always a struggle to stay focused and professional while working in a place like a bar-where most people go to be entertained and blow off some steam." He also shared his experience with the darker side of working the bar, "I had some years where I let the partying side of things get a little out of hand, so I had to quit drinking a few years back. I'm the bartender that doesn't drink, which sounds kind of like an oxymoron, but it's true. It's been long enough since I quit that I don't really think about it too much anymore, thankfully."

Advice for Other Aspiring Musicians

Twon admits that there's a lot of hard work and dedication required for both his professions. These characteristics are what define the working class we know so well, from farmers and electricians to motorcycle riders and professional divers. When we asked if he had any advice for others pursuing musical stardom, he said, "Finding the right person to teach you is key. Both can be an extremely fun place to work, but don't let it get the better of you."

The Right Boots for the Job

Bartenders get dirty and face potentially dangerous conditions at work just like the rest of us, so Twon chooses to wear work boots during his time serving drinks. His favorites are Thorogood 6" Moc Toes for both comfort and functionality. "I'm on my feet on concrete for my whole shift and my Thorogoods get me through it with little to no discomfort. I'm a bigger guy, too, so it's a big job keeping my knees and hips from hurting," he told us, "The non-slip soles are a literal life saver most of the time, too! My job can be fast paced and chaotic, so it's a huge help having boots that can keep up with me and keep my feet comfortable and protected."

We think a fresh pair of Midnight Series boots would look pretty sharp on stage, too. Maybe he will wear a pair of Thorogoods on the big stage one day. We wish Twon the best of luck on his journey!

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