Thorogood is proud to produce a wide range of Steel Toe Work Boots. These boots are known by many as toe tanks, rolling over any terrain you go through.

These boots were designed to be ready for your daily battlefield on the job site.

Falling objects, rolling machinery, sharp objects, oh my! We’re not trying to scare ya, but there’s a ton of hazards coming to ambush your feet on the job. The good news is, we kept this in mind when designing and crafting our boots! You’ll be safe from falling objects, punctures, and electrical hazards. You’ll also gain prevention against slipping, tripping or falling, and full protection from weather.

We know one size never fits all! Thorogood has the perfect fit and style to keep your feet safe on the job. Choose from a unique variety of sizes, heights, and widths. You can also customize your Steel Toe Boots by choosing features like waterproof material, insulation, toe protection, and more.

Even though these boots were created for safety purposes, we made sure they look real good too.

Ready to roll? Scroll down and take a peak!