Boots that don’t mess around

We’ve taken the steps to create boots so every step you take throughout the day can be more comfortable and confident. Since 1892 we’ve been hard at work building job-fitted boots for those who put in long days, know the meaning of the right tool for the job, and rarely stand still. Because every month of the year and every hour of the day, people like you are putting in blood, sweat, and swears to make America run.

We see you and we’re here for you. Because we’re just like you.

We’re paying our respects to the hardworking men and women who get up every day, get to work, and get their hands dirty. The American Legacy Series is dedicated to those who spend all day on their feet, in the roughest environments—whether that’s inside on hard concrete or outside in rocks, mud, and snow. The boots in the American Legacy Series are geared towards construction workers, plumbers, and electricians who don’t like traditional steel toe boots, and anyone else who spends their days in cold or wet environments.

Made with rugged, fully waterproof Crazy Horse full-grain leather with optional insulated styles, these boots are ready to take a beating, break in with you, and hold up to the harshest weather. Thorogood Boots are meticulously crafted using top-quality American leathers, ensuring both style and durability that can withstand the rigorous demands of today's job-sites. Our nano safety toe is thinner than a traditional composite safety toe, and lighter than a steel safety toe, lightening the overall weight of the boot. For all day comfort, we’ve included Goodyear storm welt construction and a removable Ultra Shock Absorption footbed. Since no boot is worth a damn it doesn't have traction, we opted for a tried-and-true Vibram® Olympia rubber outsole with a 90-degree heel for optimal grip in sub-optimal conditions.

You don't mess around with tools that don’t get the job done. Why mess around with footwear that makes a 10-hour day feel like a 20-hour day? Invest in a pair that will pay off in the long run, and after a long day, then stop thinking about your feet.