Luke Draeger is based in Aniwa, WI. He grew up as a farm kid and like most - was pressured to join college soon after graduating high school. After feeling a lack of direction, Luke decided to attend NTC for an associate’s degree. Even after attending higher education for 2 years - he still felt pressure to attend a 4-year university. After attending UWSP, Luke decided once and for all that college was definitely not the right fit for him, despite what the critics said.


Luke decided to do some research on his own and discovered a hidden gem - Electrical. He finally felt like he found something that sparked his interest. The stars aligned and he was offered a spot with a company that would put him through an apprenticeship.

“I enjoy electrical work because there is always something new to learn and the learning never ends.”


With years of training, Luke became a Journeyman and passed his Master Electrical exam. And in 2023, he took a massive leap and opened Rangeline Electric LLC. Luke found a passion for his career that he’s never had before. Growing up outdoors on a farm, Luke carried a work ethic and drive that helped his business grow!


Being a business owner isn’t easy, and that’s something Luke knows first-hand.

“Starting in the trades is tough when you must pay bills, it takes time and experience to climb up the wage map. I understand if I’m struggling, I’m most likely learning something new.”

 Luke mentioned that he feels there is massive value in high quality boots that carry him through the day. Luke has found that the Thorogood American Heritage 6” Trail Crazy horse mock toe work boots are a great fit for him and his job. Being an electrician, he finds himself standing on hard surfaces for most of the workday.

“I didn’t realize how important a pair of boots were until I started doing construction work, walking on concrete all day. Thorogood is a quality boot that you can rely on to carry you through your day in comfort. I also love their 1600gram rubber boots for the cold Wisconsin winters.”


Like us at Thorogood, Luke credits hard work and learning to his success as a Master Electrician, Electrical Contractor, and the owner of Rangeline Electric LLC.

“My advice if someone was interested in the trades would be to ask questions, do research, go through an apprenticeship, stay positive and work hard.”


If you want to connect with Luke, you can find his company online at Rangeline Electric LLC. His company is wired for quality and powered by trust. He is specialized in a range of services like Residential, Commercial, and Service Work.

“I am inspired to keep growing in my craft, to continue to learn every day, and hopefully be able to pass on my knowledge of the trade to the next generation.”

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