Bill Bryant, Co-Founder and Brand Manager for motorcycle outfitter Biltwell, wore his Thorogoods for a long-haul ride across Canada and Alaska. While we know that our boots are good for hard work on the jobsite, we're now happy to say that they also make great motorcycle rain boots since Bill put them through the ringer in some of North America's toughest conditions. We sat down with him to hear about his adventure, which was dubbed "Operation Numbnuts," and all the trouble they got into along the way.

Thorogood Boots vs. 4,000 Miles of Canadian and Alaskan Wilderness

Biltwell, Inc. supplies helmets, apparel, and parts built for motorcycle enthusiasts, by motorcycle enthusiasts. Bill Bryant is passionate about his bikes and constantly tests the limits of where he can take them. His latest adventure? A month-long, 4,000-mile ride through Canada and Alaska, complete with camping accommodations, a few mishaps, plenty of rain, and a whole lot of natural beauty. Bill described Operation Numbnuts like this: "Imagine taking a dozen of your favorite friends, a custom-built monster truck and a mix of old and new Harleys to the top of the world!"

So, what pair of Thorogoods did Bill choose to withstand the harsh environment?

"I chose the insulated 1957 Moc Toe and had had them in bad weather previously but never this much water for such a sustained period of time. With the classic looks, it’s hard to believe these boots worked so well! They literally never leaked unless I let water come in over the top, which was my fault while rescuing another rider in a knee-deep ditch." Who knew Thorogoods made for such good motorcycle rain boots?

Riding a motorcycle in the rain can be rough, but we're glad to hear that Bill's boots were the last thing he had to worry about during this trip. From vintage bikes to the boots on his feet, Bill has a thing for the classics – he's also a fan of our 6" Midnight Moc Toes. These boots work pretty well with the whole badass biker look, if we do say so ourselves.

If riding in the rain and pulling his buddy out of a ditch weren't enough, he also spent a night riding next to his son to light the way through the Yukon Territory when the headlight on his '57 Harley Davidson Panhead went out. But it was all a part of the adventure; Bill emphasized that "it wasn’t always easy, but the challenge is what made it so fun."

There were also beautiful moments that made the struggles well worth it. When we asked Bill about some of his favorite memories from the trip, he said "we saw a wolf cross the road and not long after we got to a rustic logging camp and started working on the bikes, the Northern Lights came out and put on a show. Seeing that and especially sharing it with my son, Flynn, was a magical moment I’ll never forget and I’m very grateful for."

So, what's the next adventure? Bill is planning a move to Washington state to enjoy all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. And he's taking his boots with him – "You better believe my T-goods are gonna get a workout up there!" We can't wait to hear about what he gets into next.

And there's plenty more gear to look forward to from Biltwell, too. Bill gave us the inside scoop about what he's up to at work: "We are going to continue to create gear that makes riding and working on motorcycles more fun! We are close to launching two new helmet models, so stay tuned…" We're proud to support those who pursue their dreams and create products that are made to last. So, here's to many more bike rides, good times, and passion projects!

Image of Bill and his son behind his bike
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Image of Bill from Biltwell lacing up his Thorogoods
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Image of Bill from Biltwell lacing up his boots

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