Image of Laney lacing up her Thorogood boots

Lacing Up With Laney Johnson

January 3, 2023

Laney Johnson’s incredible attention to detail is just one of the reasons her next level work resonates with us. The dedication and patience it takes to create intricate work takes a certain kind of person and we’re proud to see our boots on the feet of people like Laney. Learn more about how she created…

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Image of an American Heritage round toe waterproof boot stepping in water

Learn How to Waterproof Leather Work Boots

December 12, 2022

There’s nothing that can ruin your day quicker than cold, wet boots—especially when you’ve got a long day of work ahead. Wet leather boots can not only ruin your mood, but moisture also deteriorates the material and cuts the life of your boots short. If you’re planning to put your Thorogood boots through a lot…

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Image of Jason Mack sitting in a chair smiling

Lacing Up With Rob Elliott and Jason Mack

December 5, 2022

Rob Elliott of the Blank Canvas Project and Jason Mack of Mack Glass, come from a trades background and know the importance hard work and a positive attitude have when it comes to tackling projects. Even more important is having those traits when you’re out to set records! We’re inspired and excited to see their…

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Image of a guy lacing up his outdoor boots

Lacing Up With Eric Morris

November 14, 2022

As long-standing supporters of Eric’s mission to expand representation of minorities in the outdoor and hunting communities, we knew we wanted to share his journey. Eric has been an important voice in expanding awareness about getting back to nature and learning to hunt for people of color. We all share something in common, a passion…

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Image of a guy working on a construction site

How Do I Prepare My Boots for Winter?

November 8, 2022

The best way to protect leather boots is with diligent care. Winters, especially up north, can be brutal, and the main reason boots will start to deteriorate is due to salt and moisture. Unprotected leather can crack after drying out, which is why it’s important to properly clean, condition, and weatherproof your boots. Here are…

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Image of a guy standing next to a boot he made out of metal

Lacing Up With Jason Fellenz

November 1, 2022

From soccer games to HVAC jobs, Jason has depended on quality footwear and his passion to learn as he’s progressed from an apprentice to a shop foreman. We admire his ability to take a plain piece of sheet metal and transform it into something incredible. It’s similar to how we feel when we look at…

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Close up image of a person walking down a hallway

Learn How to Stop Boots from Squeaking

October 17, 2022

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Who doesn’t love a new pair of work boots? The smell of high-quality leather, the blemish-free exterior, perfectly clean soles … it’s what dreams are made of. You excitedly put on your boots, ready to tackle another day, until you take a few steps and cringe – you have the “new boot…

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Image of a guy standing behind a pair of American Heritage 6" Tobacco work boots

Lacing Up With Ronnie Bowen

October 11, 2022

Meet Ronnie Bowen, a pipefitter who started his journey as an apprentice through a local pipefitters union. Ronnie learned this tough trade over the last ten years and shares good insights into what pipefitters do, why they’re important, and why they need dependable footwear to make it through their days. 1. First and last name…

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Image of a factory worker using a machine

Why is Goodyear Welt Construction a Better Option?

October 5, 2022

When you’re shopping for durable, quality boots, you need to be able to identify quality constructed footwear that you can depend on. High-quality leather grade, strong soles, and Goodyear welt construction are all important components to choosing a boot that’ll stand up to hard work and harsh weather. What is Goodyear Welt Construction? A Goodyear…

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Image of Hammer VanScyoc on his bike

Lacing Up With Hammer VanScyoc

September 19, 2022

Hammer VanScyoc may have started his career serendipitously but his hard work has led him to a rewarding career at Harley Davidson. His pursuits have even led him to being part of an exciting new race team, the Boswell Hooligan’s. Hammer’s innovation and determination are admirable traits and his long-standing loyalty to Thorogood speaks volumes…

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Image of Ruth Bratlie holding project outline papers

Lacing Up With Ruth Bratlie

August 29, 2022

Meet Ruth Bratlie, of AMB Iron. Ruth owns and operates her very own structural steel and metal contractor company. Ruth is also a union ironworker, and a signatory contractor for Local 7, Boston. She is a big advocate for the union, and loves to be able to represent her local and international unions as well,…

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Image of a guy holding a metal cut out sign he made

Lacing Up With Kyle Spicer

August 16, 2022

Kyle Spicer, of Spicer Designs, inspires us to do more. Between his day job as an electrician and his pursuits in metal fabrication, Kyle shares a lot of qualities we hoped to display in our American Heritage series – durability, an ability to weather long days, and dedication to quality. We’re proud of our American…

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