There’s something special about putting in hard work. It instills a sense of pride and a feeling of accomplishment. At Thorogood, we celebrate this spirit – the kind of grit that comes with dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

Call us old-fashioned, but we don’t see half-assed as the way to do any job. Especially when it comes to making boots.

So, let’s take a quick look at how Thorogood boots are made.

The quality of our boots starts with the raw materials we use. Since leather is  the primary componentwe exclusively source  the finest leathers from around the u.s. And south america. Eyelets, thread, outsoles, midsoles, and linings are vetted to meet our high standards to  ensure longevity.

Our skilled craftsmen cut the leather by hand using dies and hydraulic presses. They must be careful to choose the best parts of the hide and use as much of it as possible to limit waste.

The leather then undergoes several preparatory steps, including skiving, embossing the iconic Thorogood logo, and even computer stitching to ensure precision and fit. We also proudly attach the Thorogood flag to every pair of boots.

The next steps are stitching, fitting, and lasting, where everything is put in place to ensure that the boots are ready to go. We fit the stitched leather onto a foot-shaped mold, called a last, to create the shape of the boot.

Then it’s off to welting, shanking, and bottom filling. These steps are what make our boots stand out from the rest. We use a special technique called goodyear welting, which involves attaching a welt strip to the bottom of the leather, creating a channel for the midsole to be stitched to. A shank is glued into the boot for extra support, and we then fill the bottom of the boot with a ground cork and cement compound to level the bottom, providing extra cushion and insulation for your foot. It takes some serious skill to do it right.

Pressing the outsole into place is one of the most crucial steps in crafting a boot. This step requires just the right amount of heat and pressure to firmly bond the outsole to the midsole. The boots are then roughed to perfection, trimmed, and rounded for a finished look.

Each boot then undergoes a final inspection before being boxed and shipped to customers and retailers worldwide.

At Thorogood, we lace up our boots, so America can lace up theirs.