Merrill, Wisconsin - May 1, 2024 - Thorogood, the esteemed footwear brand proudly manufactured by the Weinbrenner Shoe Company, Inc., is set to commemorate a significant milestone in its legacy. The company is pleased to announce the dedication of its manufacturing facility located at 211 S. Genesee Street in Merrill as the Ronald Nicklaus Manufacturing Center. The dedication ceremony will take place on Thursday, May 2nd, marking a poignant tribute to Ronald Nicklaus, a former board member and invaluable advocate for Weinbrenner Shoe Company, Inc.

Ronald Nicklaus, whose enduring commitment and vision shaped the foundation of the company, passed away on Monday, August 7, 2023. His profound impact on Weinbrenner Shoe Company, Inc. and the Thorogood brand continues to resonate within the company's ethos and operations.

Jeff Burns, President of Weinbrenner Shoe Company, reflects on Nicklaus's unparalleled contributions, stating, "Without Ron Nicklaus, there wouldn't be a Weinbrenner Shoe Company. It is my great honor to dedicate this facility to his memory."

The Ronald Nicklaus Manufacturing Center stands as a testament to Nicklaus's enduring legacy, symbolizing his unwavering vision, wisdom, and dedication to Weinbrenner Shoe Company. As Thorogood continues to uphold its commitment to quality craftsmanship and superior footwear, the dedication of this facility serves as a fitting tribute to a man whose passion and leadership continue to inspire.

The dedication will take place on May 2nd during a company town hall attended by company executives and employees, who will gather to celebrate the life and legacy of Ronald Nicklaus. Through this dedication, Thorogood reaffirms its commitment to honoring the individuals whose contributions have shaped its remarkable journey.

For more information about Thorogood and the Ronald Nicklaus Manufacturing Center dedication ceremony, please contact Mariah Candler at or 715-536-5521.

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