Started a new gig and need to find a solid pair of uniform boots or shoes for your first day? Tired of low-quality footwear that doesn't get the job done? If you're wondering how to pick the best work boots for a specific industry or line of work, Thorogood is here to help with a roundup of the best safety shoes and boots for professions that require a uniform or specialty footwear.

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Police car with lights turned on.

Public Safety – Tactical Boots & Shoes

When anything could happen on the job, you need footwear that will keep you safe and comfortable while complying with uniform standards. Some of the best shoes for police officers, security personnel, and other public safety jobs are lightweight tactical boots or shoes that you can move in easily and wear comfortably during long shifts. Depending on what you might encounter on the job, additional safety features like a safety toe and bloodborne pathogen (BBP) protection are also important to consider.

What to Look for in Public Safety Uniform Shoes:

  • Rugged, slip-resistant outsoles
  • Durable, flexible construction
  • Lightweight materials
  • Comfortable, supportive footbeds
  • Bloodborne pathogen (BBP) protection
  • Safety toes (if needed)
  • Polishable toes (if needed)
  • Non-metallic styles (for high-security jobs)

If you're working in emergency medical services, check out our guide for choosing the right EMS/EMT footwear.

Uniform Dress Shoes – Oxfords & Chukkas

Many professions, including a number of public safety roles mentioned above, require specialty dress shoes to be worn along with dress uniforms. Whether you need a simple, classic oxford or hardworking, abrasion-resistant boots, we've got you covered. Uniform dress shoes not only look sharp, but they also perform when needed – many styles also include safety toes, waterproofing, and of course, supportive footbeds for long days on your feet. Depending on your job's standards, you may also be required to choose a pair of high-gloss shoes or boots with a polishable toe.

How to Find the Right Uniform Dress Shoes & Boots:

  • Comfortable design and supportive insoles
  • Polishable toes and/or high-shine outer, including poromeric or leather
  • Safety toes (if needed)
  • Waterproofing (if needed)

Postal Certified Shoes

Postal workers spend a lot of time on their feet, and often their jobs have specific standards for the appearance, performance, and safety of uniform footwear. Thorogood postal certified shoes and boots are manufactured according to USPS 89D or USPS 89E, meet sole slip-resistance (ASTM F 489) and domestic end product requirements, and are Berry Compliant. The best shoes for postal workers are built tough and deliver superior comfort to last you through those long routes.

What to Look for in Postal Worker Shoes:

  • Appropriate postal uniform certifications
  • Replaceable, super cushioned footbeds
  • Lightweight, flexible construction
  • Slip-resistant outsoles with good traction
  • Waterproofing (if needed)
  • Insulation for work in colder weather

Fire Boots

Firefighters endure some of the toughest conditions at work, and their uniform boots need to keep up through long shifts, keeping the wearer both safe and comfortable. At Thorogood, we've partnered with LION to deliver the ultimate line of rugged, long-lasting, and supportive fire boots.

How to Choose the Right Fire Boots:

  • Durable, flame- and abrasion-resistant design
  • Slip-resistant, high-traction outsoles
  • Maximum comfort and ankle support
  • Flexible construction for ease of movement
  • Impact-resistant protection and safety toes

Shop our exclusive line of best-available firefighter boots from our partners at LION today.

Warehouse Work Shoes & Boots

Dress code policies for work in warehouse environments prioritize safety, especially due to the high risks of slip and fall accidents on concrete flooring and of falling objects. Warehouse worker uniforms vary by employer, but most require slip-resistant outsoles and toe protection.

What to Look for in Warehouse Work Shoes & Boots:

  • Slip- and oil-resistant outsoles
  • Comfortable, supportive insoles
  • Safety toes (if needed)
  • Non-metallic parts (for work environments with security screening devices and/or static buildup)

Jobs with Electrical Hazards

Many jobs, from electricians to linemen and even electronics manufacturing workers, may encounter the dangers of live voltage on the job. If your work environment involves any kind of electrical hazards, you need footwear that will help protect you. There are different types of protective footwear for electrical hazards, including EH protection (tested by ASTM International) and static dissipative (SD) designs.

Work boots rated for electrical hazard (EH) protection are constructed with non-conductive materials, so they prevent electrical charges from passing through the body. The barrier of the non-conductive shoe isolates the wearer from the ground.

Static dissipative boots and shoes are designed to safety discharge static build-up when in contact with properly grounded floors.

How to Find Electrical Hazard Protective Footwear:

  • Constructed with non-metallic, non-conductive materials
  • Electrical hazard or static dissipative ratings
  • Additional safety features (like composite toe and slip-resistance), depending on your job

Still need help finding the best safety shoes or boots for the job? Contact the work boot experts at Thorogood today for help choosing the perfect pair.

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