EMS and EMT professionals need to be ready to jump into action to respond to medical emergencies - so having the right boots to hit the ground running is vital. Since not all boots are made equally, we’ll walk you through some features to look for when you want the best boots (or shoes) for the job.

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Do First Responders Need Boots?

A great pair of boots is an essential component of a good uniform and since a day can demand hours of walking, running, and driving, it’s important to have the right duty boots for the job. A regular boot just won’t do when you need durability, protection, and comfort – which is why it’s important to look for the right features. Plus, since most first responders receive a uniform allowance, allocating some of those funds to great quality footwear can mean you’ll have boots that last you years.

Where to Find Comfortable Boots for EMS/EMT Personnel

Thorogood USA knows it’s important for first responders to be able to perform their best in the worst situations, which is why their BBP Waterproof duty boots come in a range of styles to suit all types of first responders. Look for these popular Crosstrex models at local dealers near you:

What to Look for in EMS/EMT Boots

  • BBP resistance
  • Waterproof features
  • Slip-resistance outsoles
  • Shock absorbing insoles
  • Quality construction

What is BBP waterproofing?

BBP resistant boots, or BBP waterproofing, is an important feature to look for. This barrier helps protect you from bloodborne pathogens and dangerous fluids. It means that the exterior of your shoe or boot can prevent penetration of viruses carried in blood and body fluids – a crucial component of staying safe on the job for first responders like EMS, EMTs, and paramedics.

Waterproof features keep your feet dry and comfortable in inclement weather and, when combined with a slip-resistant outsole, lets you more safely tackle tough jobs in wet weather and in difficult terrain.

A shock absorbing insole and a comfortable footbed is essential when you’re spending long hours on your feet. You’ll get the comfort of an athletic shoe with the grip of quality duty boots with the Crosstrek series, and the composite toe safety option adds even more protection to these lightweight boots. Thorogood’s quality construction promise emphasizes strong craftsmanship skills and a commitment to value.