It’s pretty fitting that our boots are often compared to walking on clouds by cowboys in the SKY

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Ironworkers have a career consisting of a daily game of ultimate tetris. Their job is ranked as the #6 most dangerous in the country, building America from the ground up (literally).

Following an unexpected boom in American manufacturing in the late 1880s, steel had suddenly replaced wood and stone as the primary material for crafting bridges and buildings. Like most of our memorable manufacturing shifts, this demand was almost instant. With this unexpected shift, America needed the next revolution of workers to come in and step up to the plate. People with bravery, guts, and maybe a little bit of crazy in their veins. Thankfully, we had a new generation who came in and took on the challenge.

Daring and unafraid with their head’s in the clouds, ironworkers have built some of the greatest buildings and architecture around the world.

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Although we haven’t manufactured structures, Thorogood has been crafting the highest quality work boots for over 130 years. Founded in history, honest work, and legacy, you can trust the company you walk with every single day.

Our team understands the unique demands of your job as an ironworker. You can be seen outside in all types of weather, getting the job done. You have to make sure you’re checking in on your safety throughout the day by adjusting equipment and harnesses. Your hands will touch a variety of tools while cutting, bending, and connecting heavy materials. You’ll also have to be nimble (jeez, what can’t you do?) by working in unnatural positions that involve stooping and balancing. And, we’ll just go out on a limb and guess you probably aren’t afraid of heights either!

We see you and your daily routine, but we also know what you need to help you get long days and projects to the finish line. You need work boots that stand the test of time against the elements. You need work boots that can support you in tight environments with a light material. You need work boots that hold on for the ride while you build little by little. And you need work boots that have safety as a top priority, so you never have to look down and worry about anything but the project at hand.

According to the cowboys in the sky, our ironworker boots are like walking on clouds. We owe this compliment to our unique removable insole known as the Ultimate Shock Absorption™ footbed on Poron® comfort cushion. These work boots are made in the USA with domestic and imported components, and created with high quality leather and stitching you can’t find anywhere else. Keep your ankles nice and cushy in our best selling 8" boots for additional ankle support. The bottom of these work boots are developed to be slip-resisting, perfect for skywalkers.

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This is the iron work boot you deserve, so let’s make em’ yours.

Thorogood’s Ironworker boots have a ton of variety and options. No one boot fits everyone, so let’s find the one for you! All of our Ironworker boots are developed and crafted with a wedge style outsole.

To steel toe or not to steel toe? That is the question! Depending on OSHA regulations, your work boots may require steel toe boots, but most prefer non-safety toe boots. This decision would depend on the specific materials you work with. If your materials are over the weight rating, a steel toe boot may not offer your toes additional protection.

Pro tip!

Due to the nature of your job, “blousing” might be a great option for you. If you’ve never heard this phrase before, don’t panic. We aren’t asking you to add anything from your grandma’s closet to your boots. Blousing can be summed up as a solution to prevent your loops from getting caught on anything while you’re working. Many people like boot bands, also known as blousing bands! These simply hook around the top of your laced boots, and then you can tuck your pant leg under the band. You can also use something like sturdy rubber bands or electrical tape. Want to give it a shot? Check out this article by BootSpy. 


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