Old thoro logo

The Thorogood logo has gone through some changes since our first steps in 1892, but it has consistently represented our values.

The Main Logo

The Thorogood® logo represents the Thorogood® brand identity and values. Although the logo has changed overtime, like most do, the symbolic triangle within the logo has been consistent and has kept that representation and brand identity and values strong throughout.


  1. Logo Script (Who we are!)
  2. Triangle (Represents the 3 sides to our business; manufacturing, sales, and service)
  1. Wing+Wheel (innovation, and higher standards)
  1. Since 1892 (Founding year)

The Wing and Wheel

The wing and wheel represents innovation and an unwavering pursuit of higher standards. The wheel represents our history of a hydro electric powered factory in Milwaukee in 1909. While the wings originally represented our speed in shipping, today it embodies our constant pursuit of raising our standards in quality, comfort, and service. This icon should be used sparingly and only alone when our logo is already clearly established.


130 Year Logo

A special, limited-time logo was created to celebrate 130 years of business.

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