What is your “Go To” Thorogood hunting boot and why?

My “Go To” hunting boot is the Thorogood Infinity hiking boot.  It is lightweight, extremely comfortable, and is waterproof.

What is the most memorable hunt you have ever been on?

My most memorable hunt was a 2005 Buffalo hunt that I did in Colorado.  It is memorable because I did it with a shotgun and slugs.  Most people on the hunt thought that I was crazy for using a shotgun.  Most of the hunters there were using big caliber, high powered rifles.  I love testing theories and using underestimated guns. I’ll never forget the looks on those guys faces when I harvested that 900lb buffalo with my shotgun.

Who is your favorite hunting partner and why?

My favorite hunting partner is Razor, my 7-year-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  He’s my favorite because he never complains, is never late, and will hunt all day long. He enjoys upland bird hunting and waterfowl hunting most, but is also an excellent blood tracking dog for big game.

If you could only hunt one season each year, what would it be and why? 

This is a tough question as I love hunting anything that walks, flies, or swim.  It’s a three-way tie between ducks, deer, and rabbits.  But if I could only hunt one season, I would have to choose deer season.  Deer hunting is fun and allows me to be completely free, matching my wits and skill against the deer’s senses. Also, since my diet consists 95% of wild game, harvesting a few deer during the season provides me with all the meat I need for the year.

What is the best life lesson you have learned while hunting?

Hunting will teach you a lot of life lessons but the best one I’ve learned is “perseverance”.  I always say that you have to be tougher than the game you are pursuing, and you must be able to endure whatever conditions your game lives in.  This applies to life as well.  

Who introduced you to hunting?

Actually, I introduced myself to hunting when I was about 10 or11. Daddy didn’t hunt but he taught me how to shoot when I was 8.  I vividly remember taking the pellet gun and going after the squirrels around the house and throughout the neighborhood.

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