Nothing is more annoying than your boots coming undone again and again throughout the day. The best way to avoid having to tie your work boots repeatedly is to buy a great pair of pull-on wellingtons, but we know these aren’t everyone’s first choice for footwear. Learn how to tie work boots so they STAY TIED throughout your day, and a neat trick that means you’ll never have to tie a knot again.

How to Tie a Square Knot

You don’t have to be a boyscout to tie a simple square knot. Square knots might not be strong enough to hold heavy loads, but they’re perfect for helping your boots stay tied throughout the day. Plus, if your laces snap on the jobsite, this knot can be used with only a short amount of material.


“Hi, this is Brad with Thorogoood. Today we’re doing a how-to on how to tie a square knot. First, grab your two ends, go left over right, under over, then we’ll go right over left, pull tight, and there’s your square knot. To release your square knot, grab both strings from both ends and push in and it should come undone. This is a perfect knot if your shoe laces are too short, or you happen to snap them on the jobsite and need to tie them and they’re not as long as they used to be. And that is how to tie a square knot.”

How to Never Tie Your Boots Again

Tying your boots might only take seconds, but that’s still valuable time you can save by not having to repeat the process each morning. Simply lace up and tie your boots one time and you shouldn’t have to tie them again. Watch the video below to learn how to lace boots with speed hooks like a pro. By using the speed hooks to lace and unlace them each day, you can keep the knot in the laces and you’ll only have to re-tie them if you need to tighten your boots.


“Hi, this is Brad with Thorogoood. Are you tired of tying your boots in the morning to only have to untie them at the end of the day? Well this tip may change your life. First, lace up your boots. Then, tie a good knot, leave the knot and use the speed hooks to unlace them. Tomorrow morning just hook them up and you’re good to go. Hope that saves you a little bit of time. For more tips and tricks and product information, subscribe to our channel below.”

How to Use Speed Laces

This tying method may look fancy, but it’s actually pretty simple. Instead of crisscrossing your laces on the speed hooks, move both laces consecutively to quickly do up your boots. It’s similar to the above method, but you’ll need to tie your work boots at the end with your preferred knot.


“Hi, this is Brad with Thorogoood. Today we’re talking speed laces. Simply tighten your laces, place your finger between the laces and loophole, tie and you’re good to go. Still looking for more speed, try a pair of wellingtons.

Want to change up how you lace your boots? Learn how to ladder lace instead of using the traditional criss-cross. Don’t neglect your laces when you clean your boots, it’s important to undo them and clean the leather underneath to make sure the material doesn’t dry out and crack. You can even undo your laces completely and give them a clean if they get really dirty. We hope our guide to tying your boots helps you save some time in the morning!

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