Choosing Police Work Boots

With so many options of police footwear on the market, it can be difficult to select which boots are appropriate and allowed for each line of police work. Although state and department policies may differ, there are a few characteristics to look for when matching public safety or police officer boots with uniform class.

What are Police Uniform Classes?

Uniform classification is common in the military and police, and it’s typically broken down into three groups: Class A, Class B, and Class C. Uniforms are used to promote cohesion, but they can also communicate position, rank, and specialty. Needless to say, the uniform doesn’t stop with clothing; police work boots are also an important consideration for the job at hand.

Police Class A Uniform and Footwear Options

Class A uniforms can come in a formal and everyday style. The formal Class A police uniform is typically a coat made of dark wool or a wool blend with detail and ornamentation, and matching uniform pants with a striped leg. The stripe down the leg is a sign of officer rank. These uniforms are typically worn for special occasions, ceremonies, receptions, and funerals.

Pairing police officer boots with the Class A formal uniform is pretty simple and will typically require high-shine poromeric footwear. Ideally, you’ll want a black shoe or boot with a more formal appearance, aka a shiny toe. You can’t go wrong with an Oxford-style shoe or even a classic 8” boot with a polished toe.

Poromeric Oxford Shoes

8” Poromeric Boots

For everyday duty, a Class A uniform is a matching dark navy shirt and pants with permanent creases, multiple pockets, and a uniform stripe down the pant leg. This uniform requires a more practical footwear choice since you’ll most likely be on your feet and working on day-to-day tasks. The better footwear choice here is a police work boot that has an athletic appeal, with slip and abrasion-resistant rubber outsoles. Lightweight durability mixed with an Oxford style gives officers the respect and freedom they’re looking for.

Class A Shoes and Boots

Poromeric Oxford Shoes

Poromeric Chukka Shoes

Oxford Cross Trainers

Class B Police Uniform and Footwear

A Class B police uniform is typically a more casual style and can be interchangeable with the Class A informal uniform. These are designed for street duty, made of lighter fabrics, and are machine washable. If you’re wearing a Class B police uniform, you’ll need to match it with practical police officer boots that look professional but provide the flexibility for you to jump into action if required.

Our recommended police officer boots focus on comfort, durability, and stability. If you’re working outdoors where it constantly rains, opt for slip-proof features. Depending on department rules, polishable toe boots might be interchangeable for Class A, although they won’t have the high-shine poromeric toe.

Matching Class B Police Work Boots or Shoes

Waterproof Side Zip Cross Treks

8” Waterproof Side Zip Tactical The Deuce Boots

Gen-Flex 2 Waterproof 8” Tactical Boots

Made in USA Wellington Boots

Slip-on Oxfords

6” Quick Release Station Boots

Class C Police Uniform and Footwear

Police Class C uniforms focus more on mobility and comfort since they’re primarily used for tactical situations or emergency response. These uniforms tend to focus on athleticism and have a military-esque appearance since they typically have reinforced knees, seats, and elbows made with rip-resistant fabric. Warmer areas may even have Class C uniforms as casual as shirts and shorts.

If you’re choosing police work boots for tactical situations, you want footwear that is protective but flexible. Consider waterproof boots if you work in areas with consistent rain or a mesh boot to keep your feet cool in high temperatures. Here are some of the most popular choices to match with Class C Police Uniforms:

Crosstrek Waterproof Oxford Hikers

Crosstrek Waterproof 6” Hikers

Be sure to check department guidelines and rules when selecting police officer boots for different positions and to match police uniform classes. Thorogood USA relentlessly focuses on technology and craftmanship to keep officers and public safety workers comfortable and safe on the job.