The holiday season is fast approaching, bringing with it all of those yearly questions: Did you buy a big enough turkey? Will cousin Janice complain about the stuffing again? Will Uncle Joe have one too many Wisconsin beers while watching the game? Will you be getting gifts for everyone or will you be drawing names from a hat this year? And maybe the biggest question of all:

Will the gifts you order be in stock and arrive before Christmas?

If Thorogood® boots are on your shopping list, then you’re in luck – and not just because Thorogood® boots make a great holiday gift. At our union factories in Wisconsin, we’ve been busy building high-quality footwear to keep up with the demand. From our ever-popular American Heritage moc toe series to the new American Legacy Series, from durable Iron River boots to the classic style of the 1957 Series, you’ll find your favorite boots and other job-fitted footwear in stock at your favorite retailer. Click on the Find a Retailer link here or at the top of this page to find a local dealer where Thorogood® boots are sold in your neighborhood.

While we can’t promise that every retailer will have the Thorogood® boots you want, we have plenty of stock on hand and aren’t experiencing any of the shipping delays that other companies are facing this year. It’s a good idea to call the store first if you’re looking for a specific product or size, just to check if they carry that series or if they can order it for you when they don’t. Buying local – when you can – helps support your local economy and the people who live and work in your community. Thorogood® is an employee-owned company, and much of our footwear is built in our union factories. We know the value of working hard and celebrating family and community during the holiday season.

If you can’t get the boots that you’re looking for locally, take a look at our list of online retailers to order just what you need. We encourage you to shop early to make sure that the boots you want will arrive on time. When you buy Thorogood® footwear this holiday season, you shouldn’t get the dreaded “backorder” warning or suddenly discover that your order won’t show up until February (if you’re lucky).

Your Thorogood® boots are in stock and waiting for you. So give that hard working family member on your holiday shopping list what they really want – a great pair of comfortable, job-fitted Thorogood® boots. Not sure what type of boots will be the best? Check out our guide on choosing work boots, and buy yourself a pair while you’re at it.