Chad Belding of “The Fowl Life” adventure series on the Outdoor Channel is proud to announce that he and his team has partnered with Thorogood to utilize its footwear across all of their hunts. The crew will be using a wide array of products from hunting knee boots to mountain and hiking boots to work boots for every activity, be it hunting, cooking game, attending trade shows, etc. throughout the year.

“Thorogood is excited to partner with such a passionate leader in the outdoor world. There is no doubt we will do big things together,” states Andy Place, director of Outdoor Sales for Thorogood. “I look forward a forming a strong partnership that continues well into the future!”

“It doesn’t matter if we are hiking a mountain in search of a bugling elk or treading through a creek bottom waiting to hear the distinct gobble of a turkey or standing in ankle deep water waiting for a flock of mallard ducks to work our decoy spread, we depend on Thorogood footwear to keep our feet comfortable, warm, dry and ready to take that next step towards success,” says Belding. “We are so fortunate to be part of the Thorogood family and we can’t wait to walk alongside them for many years to come!”

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