A New Era of Women’s Work Boots

With Thorogood's Women's Work Boots – a blend of tradition and modern craftsmanship. Crafted on a Woman's last for a better fit, these boots represent over 130 years of history. Tailored for hardworking women in construction, manufacturing, agriculture, and beyond. Discover the new era in women’s work boots continuing the heritage of Thorogood work boots.

When talking about women in blue collar trades, most assume and inform others that the trades are a male-dominated industry with few (if any) women.

Here’s the catch, in 2021, the number of women working in trades occupations reached the highest number ever, at more than 314,000. The number of female apprentices doubled from 2014 through 2022, according to the Department of Labor.

Statistics show that women account for nearly 14% (and growing) of active apprenticeships.

Women aren’t the exception - women are plumbers, carpenters, mechanics, welders, iron workers, painters, and HVAC technicians in growing numbers, helping our country thrive and grow.

However, just because women’s work days look the same on the jobsite as their male counterparts - they shouldn’t be wearing the same boots men do. As a woman in the trades, your thing is working as hard as you need to in order to get your job done. At Thorogood, our thing is working hard to create boots for each specific blue collar position and person.

Women’s and men’s feet differ in more than just size. There’s research to suggest that ladies are more genetically predisposed to inheriting high arches when compared to men.

With these points in mind, I want you to picture this.
Women, a large part of the trades, with work boots that actually understand women’s feet.

Yep, we said it! No more women’s boots that have the same design as men’s with a smaller sizing system. Thorogood has crafted and created a brand new line of women’s work boots that will adapt to your feet and work day.

So what exactly sets our women’s work boots apart? These boots are designed with curves and arches in mind, giving your feet the comfort and support they deserve. You won’t find any one-size-fits-all BS here - choose between a variety of options and styles to find your perfect fit.

Whether you're pounding pavement, fixing pipes, handling an emergency, or working a late night or early morning, we’ve built boots to give you the firm footing you need to get things done.

Ready to lace up your legacy? Take a look at our collection of women’s work boots today to find that perfect pair that’s callin’ your name. Reach out to the Thorogood team if you have any questions!